The MUSE Foundation was founded by the four MUSE-keteers: Elaine, Miyabe, Brett, and Max. Together, we have worked to create a fun and exciting new organization with a vision for the future. We are excited to now be adding to our team - see below our two new fabulous music instructors who have joined our team!

We are completely dedicated to the continued growth and success of our programs and our students. The joy we have seen at our practices, social events, and concerts has solidified our commitment to serving our community. We hope to be able to expand to include more students in the Greater Boston Area and to be able to have our own MUSE-ic studio.

One day in the future, we hope to be able to work closely with more schools, universities, and non-profits in the area to bring our programs to different locations. We would like to expand our social events to include non-MUSE adults who would like to be a part of our community. 

Click here for our 2017 annual report
Click here for our 2016 annual report

Brett Lukaszek

Miyabe Shields, Ph.D.

Elaine Shields, M.Ed.

Executive Director

Music Director & Board President

Director of Public Relations

Elaine is a Special Education Teacher for Brookline Public Schools, and runs the Bridge program for students preparing to transition to adulthood. Elaine has worked for the last decade with a broad range of students with special needs. A classically-trained violinist, Elaine is a firm believer in the capacity of music to foster social connection, trust, greater independence, and self-empowerment.
Brett works for the D.O.D. He has drummed with multiple Indie Rock bands prior to moving to Boston. In 2013, Brett helped develop an event called "Beats for Buds," sponsored by Best Buddies CT. For the past 3 years, he has helped create events around New Haven that inspire individuals of all functional levels to express themselves through music.
Miyabe received her PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences, where her research focused on the system in the brain that interacts with marijuana. She believes that there is a disconnect between research science and the people it is aimed at helping. Miyabe identifies as neurodivergent and personally uses music in her own life as an emotional and social outlet. Miyabe enjoys singing as well as playing the guitar, ukulele, and piano. 

Alison bieber

Connor blankenship

Music Instructor

Music Instructor

Max Glick

Director of Programming

Alison Bieber is a Boston Conservatory at Berklee graduate with a BA in Vocal Performance. Alison has studied and performed with the American Institute of Musical Studies in Graz, Austria as well as the OperaWorks 2016 Emerging Artist Program in Los Angeles, California. She is looking forward working with her own students through MUSE to share the gift of music, through vocal, guitar, and keyboard lessons. 
Connor Blankenship is pursuing his Master's in Music Education at Boston University.  A St. Louis native, Connor received his undergraduate degree in Music Composition, Music Theory, and Organ Performance.  Connor has taught many students and has worked with multiple local, regional, and national theaters.  Connor will be giving private lessons in piano, music theory, and songwriting.
Max Glick is pursuing his Master's in Special Education from Lesley University. He enjoys his role as a Special Education Paraprofessional for Brookline Public Schools. He has been playing the drums for the past 12 years, and bass guitar for the past 8 years. Max has participated with many performance groups in rock, jazz, and classical genres. He believes that music is meant to be fun and is appreciated best among friends.


Elaine Shields, President
Max Glick, Treasurer

Brett Lukaszek, Clerk
Melanie Butler, Director

Susan Senator, Director, Chair of Parent Board


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